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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Subaru Tops Resale List....

When shopping for a new vehicle, a buyer's attention usually goes to price, monthly payments, styling and the amount of rebate.

But one of the often overlooked factors is resale value. How much the vehicle is projected to be worth after three, four or five years is key if you are the kind of driver likely to sell or trade the vehicle in after a few years.

Kelley Blue Book tracks a models resale value, and recently issued their list of the best brands and individual models for resale value.

Subaru named Best Overall Brand

The Japanese brand is best known for having all-wheel-drive standard on all of its vehicles. The Subaru Outback is ubiquitous in Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire and Oregon — states that experience regular snow, lots of spring mud and rain. But Subaru also limits its sales rebates and other incentives, which means that owners are able to sell their vehicles for the biggest percentage of the original purchase price of any brand.

Of course, Subaru is also known for their owners hanging on to their vehicles well beyond 100,000 miles.

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