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Monday, March 7, 2011

Burma Shave ads...

For those not familiar with the Burma Shave signs of years past: Burma Shave was a shaving cream product which featured a novel advertising method.

They placed small signs on the roads, spaced about 50 yards apart, in groups of 5 or 6. Motorists reading them would be rewarded with a somewhat humorous or philosophical ending at the fourth or fifth sign and then a reminder that it was brought to them by Burma Shave at the last sign.

Here is a selection of  Burma Shave's "slogans" for you to enjoy.

Henry The Eighth
Prince of Friskers
Lost Five Wives
But Kept His Whiskers
Burma Shave

Grandpa's Beard
Was Stiff And Coarse
And That's What
Caused His
Fifth Divorce
Burma Shave 

You'll Love Your Wife
You'll Love Her Paw
You'll Even Love
Your Mother-in-law
If You Use
Burma Shave

If U Don't Know
Whose Signs These Are
U Can't Have Driven
Very Far
Burma Shave

Famous Last Words
Bright Lights That Shine
If You Won't Dim Yours
I Won't Dim Mine
Burma Shave

Don't Lose Your Head
To Gain A Minute
You Need Your Head
Your Brains Are In It
Burma Shave

Diplomacy Is
To Do And Say
The Nastiest Things
In The Nicest Way
Burma Shave

A Peach Looks Good
With Lots of Fuzz
But Man's No Peach
And Never Was
Burma Shave 

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